SIA-B Standard CT’s
Dual/Self Powered Protection Relay

Self-Powered + Universal Vaux relay offering a high performance previously available only in relays with Vaux.

  • Remote communications for SCADA (Modbus or DNP3.0 protocols).
  • Up to 10 COMTRADE records.
  • Advanced functions.
  • Completely configurable I/O thanks to advanced logic.

Ultra-fast SOTF
Very low start-up levels and minimum consumption <2 VA
Compact design


SIL-A  Advanced Feeder Protection Relay

Advanced Feeder Protection Relay with reliable Overcurrent and earth fault protection for primary and secondary distribution, specially developed for compact MV switchgear.

The optimal design makes the useful life of the device longer and enhanced safety by reducing hazards. The perfect solution for renewable energy installations. Advanced Communications with multiple ports and protocols that allow seamless integration. Supports IEC 61850 standard edition 1 and 2, implementing GOOSE messaging for the automation and control of substations



SIA-F protection relay is suitable to protect installations against O/C and E/F. Its compact size makes this relay adequate for installations where the space is critical.

Optionally, other protection functions such as the thermal image (ANSI 49) the trip block for switch disconnector, and control functions as the monitorization of the CB (ANSI 52), The breaker failure (ANSI 50BF) can be included.

Low voltage

All our Relays can be adapted to the technical specifications and requirements of customers, obtaining the best technical solution to meet their application and assembly needs.

Fanox has experience in the Industrial Sector for more than 25 years.

At Medium Voltage, the comprehensive range of SIA & SIL Protection Relays provides the total protection requirements of Primary & Secondary Distribution.

The communication section is created as a complement to help to interconnect relay in all levels, offering and guaranteeing complete solutions for the Smart Grid Industry at the same time that ensure maximum interoperability between multiple utility assets.

All of our products are developed by specialists and will optimize your safety while reducing maintenance costs