“We try harder”

We are competing in a very demanding market, we Design High Technology Protections, we are far too Flexible and more Specialised Expertise.

Success Applications for SIA-C Relay

Fanox offers compact, innovative and well-finished equipment, with a much more competitive price. Our experience supports us, and the main feature of these relays is their great flexibility in design that permit adapting their model list to the requirements and features of each application.

Self Powered Relays Solution

Fanox has revolutionized the self-powered protection market with an excellent and innovative range. The Relays are powered by the operating current; no batteries, charges or any other external power source required.This Means that the maintenance of Transmission and Distribution Centers is heavily reduced.


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Fanox Merry Christmas 2019

At Christmas we stop and arrange a day to film a video to celebrate The Christmas and The New Year together like a big family.

Fanox among the world 4 Top Manufacturers of Self-powered Relays

According to recent updated market researches, the world market of self-powered relays is dominated by four main players: Siemens, Fanox, ABB and Schneider. At present Fanox has become the biggest independent Manufacturer of Self-powered Protection Relays.

“Fanox supports Edenor Argentina in the constant quality improvement of the power supply in Buenos Aires”

Following the approval of the Technical Department, Fanox Relays have been accepted by Edenor, the electrical distribution company with most of customers in Argentina. These relays have been installed in medium voltage switchgears with automatic circuit breakers and they will substantially improve the electricity supply to customers by quickly detecting and isolating network faults. This is a milestone in Argentina to be added to the already installed relays in the [...]

7 benefits to consider about Fanox Protection & Control Panels for Submersible Pumps

No need for level electrodes and level relays to avoid “dry running”. By measuring the pump’s parameters, they detect “dry running” before it happens; this is achieved without the need for awkward level electrodes, therefore, saving time and money in their installation. With motor protection against overloads with thermal memory With protection against overvoltage, phase loss and incorrect phase sequence With short-circuit protection Additionally, they protect the motor against overload, blocked rotor, [...]