“We try harder”

We are competing in a very demanding market, we Design High Technology Protections, we are far too Flexible and more Specialised Expertise.

Success Applications for SIA-C Relay

Fanox offers compact, innovative and well-finished equipment, with a much more competitive price. Our experience supports us, and the main feature of these relays is their great flexibility in design that permit adapting their model list to the requirements and features of each application.

Self Powered Relays Solution

Fanox has revolutionized the self-powered protection market with an excellent and innovative range. The Relays are powered by the operating current; no batteries, charges or any other external power source required.This Means that the maintenance of Transmission and Distribution Centers is heavily reduced.


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Discover the advantages of Fanox Self-powered Protection Relays 

The SIA Series Protection Relays are the right solution for the protection of Secondary Transformers and Distribution Substations in Electrical Networks. Customize the SIA behavior to suit your needs.

Fanox supports Equality

At FANOX we believe in equal opportunities and we do not tolerate violence against women, so we pledge to work together for preventing it. Which is why it is essential training of staff, a sense of accountability and to be kept informed.

Fanox Protection Relays help to upgrade Durban’s distribution grid in South Africa

FANOX Self-powered Relays have been successfully installed by Umgeni, the local water authority of Durban, South Africa, improving plant availability by proactively detecting anomalies.

Fanox Protection Relays approved by ENA UK

The Electricity Networks Association (ENA) has evaluated and approved Fanox Self-powered Protection Relays for overcurrent and earth fault protection.

After completion of a detailed technical analysis, ENA’s Protection Assessment Panel has approved Fanox protection relays and issued the corresponding Notice of Conformity No. 201.