The SIL-C Relay protects Feeders and Equipment and includes comprehensive current, voltage, and frequency protection in a compact device for switchgear in industrial and utility applications.

Its ability to measure up to 1,000 volts when connected directly to the low voltage line makes it very reliable and provides 4 current channels and up to 5 voltage channels with conventional VTs.

Relays are provided with a local micro USB front port and remote communication with different options (ports and protocols) to allow communication. The SIL-C is provided with 11 configurable inputs and 5 configurable outputs.


The SIL-A is an efficient Feeder Protection Relay with reliable Overcurrent and Earth fault Protection for Primary and Secondary Distribution, particularly suitable for MV switchgear.

Fanox has used the latest hardware technology to develop SIL-A, and it is available in several models according to customer requirements and installation needs. This solution is mainly indicated for installations such as wind farms o photovoltaic panels plants (Renewables).

SIL-A has a design that requires less equipment and space, reducing operating costs and maintenance. The optimal design makes the device’s useful life longer and enhances safety by reducing hazards and saving installation time.

SIA-B Standard CT’s
Dual/Self Powered Protection

Self-Powered + Universal Vaux relay offering a high performance previously available only in relays with Vaux.

  • Remote communications for SCADA (Modbus or DNP3.0 protocols).
  • Up to 10 COMTRADE records.
  • Advanced functions.
  • Completely configurable I/O thanks to advanced logic.

Ultra-fast SOTF
Very low start-up levels and minimum consumption <2 VA
Compact design

OC & EF Feeder Protection Relay

Fanox SIA-F is our most competitive and cost-effective solution for overcurrent and earth-fault protection. Like all other Fanox protection relays, the compact size with reduced depth makes installation easier and saves costs.

The relay can also be supplied by a USB cable connected to the laptop with the USB KITCOM adapter or a standard power bank. To allow communication, relays are provided with a local micro USB front port and remote communication with different protocols on the rear side, depending on the model.

Additionally, external CTs allow you to modify their relation, adapting to your requirements and reducing installation costs while having a more comprehensive range of power supplies.

Low voltage

Fanox has experience in the Industrial Sector for more than 30 years. All our Relays can be adapted to our customer’s technical specifications and requirements, obtaining the best technical solution to meet their application and assembly needs.
The technological capacity of Fanox, its know-how, and the experience accumulated in multiple applications allow us to offer state-of-the-art solutions for the future. Innovation and quality are the standards of our services and products. The wide range of self-supply protection relays, voltage overcurrent, frequency protection relays, generator protection, catenary control relays / RTU, and feeder protection provides the complete protection functions and requirements to safeguard and protect an electrical installation.
The communications section is created as a complement to help interconnect relays at all levels, offering and guaranteeing complete solutions for the Smart Grid industry and ensuring maximum interoperability between multiple utility assets.
Specialists develop all our products and will optimize your safety while reducing maintenance costs.