Striker – PRT

  • This is a single effect solenoid. The striker is spring operated.
  • The striker is activated by low-power polarised electrical signal supplied by the relay in case of a fault.
  • The striker is reset to its starting position manually.
English / Data Sheet Tripping Accesory Striker PRT

Trip Coil Module – TCM


  • Connecting trip coil module to the potential-free trip contact of the relay it supplies necessary energy to trip the coil (30J).
  • Its main functions is to adapt the relay to installations where the line opening system is activated by a coil, instead of a striker.
  • The TCM (Trip Coil Module) is specifically designed to be used with SELF POWERED relays (SIA-C, SIA-B).

Auxiliary Battery Power Supply – KITCOM

  • The KitCom is an adapter to supply SIA relays through the front communication port, allowing the communication with the computer simultaneously.
  • This adapter is very useful in the commissioning processes of the transformation centres, allowing full verification of the centre, without any auxiliary power supply.
  • The equipment has a microswitch that feeds the power supply with a LED (ON) when the voltage is adequate.
  • In addition to all the necessary to give the power supply, this device has two LED associated with the Rx and Tx lines of communication, and they are used to verify that there is data traffic between the PC and the SIA relay.