Fanox is a company specialised in the design and manufacture of Electronic Relays for Low and Medium Voltage applications. Since its foundation, back in 1992, Fanox has developed a wide range of products for multiple applications, and as an innovation driver and trendsetter, is settling itself in the energy market as a powerful manufacturer of a large number of Protection Relays that can be used in any kind of application in the Transmission & Distribution Lines.

Fanox is a specialist manufacturer in SELF-POWERED, Overcurrent, and Earth Fault Protection Relays for Feeder, Substations and RMUs Protection. All of our relays incorporate new industry trends: remote communication, high number of protection and control functions, self-designed software for the control of each device etc., all in a competitive package. The aim of these improvements is facilitating the implementation of Smart Grid and predictive maintenance of electrical lines.

A relay is designed to tell a breaker to trip when it needs to, or to keep a switchgear running the way it’s intended to. Their protective function is crucial to keep equipment operating well and out of danger.

Since protection devices have changed so much over the years, it´s important to deal with a company who understands exactly what you and your equipment need. We do.

We’ll help you find the specific relays you need, and we’ll go the extra mile of using our top-quality testing equipment to ensure they’re completely functional.

Our expertise and continuous development and innovation enables us to offer global and complete solutions to each specific application.

We have a wide portfolio of products and resources. We are specialists, well designed and relays offer constant support in the application on site because we have the best technical capabilities to implement our products.


  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Commitment to our customers
  • Answers to suit the needs
  • We are an agile organization to quickly answer
  • Focused on development and innovation
  • We have a team of highly motivated and skilled people.

FANOX’ international growth, has also led to expansion into the medium sector. Our MV Division is now one of the main focus areas of development, thanks to the decisive contribution of a highly qualified R&D department.

Resting on a strategy of sustainable growth, solid management capabilities and a very high technological potential, Fanox meets the future with a solid outlook, where we will be able to respond successfully to challenges thrown at us. With the Quality Management System based on ISO 14001:2015 Fanox guarantees the highest quality services and products to its customers’ satisfaction.

Fanox products meet the most relevant international standards. We carry the CE marking and have UL approvals (Underwriters Laboratories) for USA, c-UL for Canada and the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) for EEx e motors working in explosive atmospheres (ATEX Certified).

Fanox’ human resources have undergone a tremendous growth over the past decade, becoming a highly specialized team with high capacity for adaptation and development. It is a multicultural team which faces the challenges set by a strategic business plan which has its people and integrity as its main values.