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Fanox among the world 4 Top Manufacturers of Self-powered Relays

According to recent updated market researches, the world market of self-powered relays is dominated by four main players: Siemens, Fanox, ABB and Schneider. At present Fanox has become the biggest independent Manufacturer of Self-powered Protection Relays.

Fanox supports Edenor Argentina in the constant quality improvement of the power supply in Buenos Aires

Following the approval of the Technical Department, Fanox Relays have been accepted by Edenor, the electrical distribution company with most of customers in Argentina. These relays have been installed in medium voltage switchgears with automatic circuit breakers and they will substantially improve the electricity supply to customers by quickly detecting and isolating network faults.

Fanox Protection Relays help to upgrade Durban’s distribution grid in South Africa

FANOX Self-powered Relays have been successfully installed by Umgeni, the local water authority of Durban, one of Africa’s most successful organizations involved in water management, South Africa. Fanox SIA-C Protection Relays substantially improve plant availability by proactively detecting anomalies in electrical systems and components before extensive damage occurs.

Obtaining exclusive technical solutions in the new Generator Protection SIL-G Range

Looking to the future to obtain exceptional technical solutions in its new designs. This empowering customers to increase the safety and reliability needed to work with a high efficiency.

FANOX has recently obtained the EAC Certification for the full range of Medium Voltage Protection Relays.

The EAC Certificate of Conformity is issued by a certification body of the Customs Union between Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, certifying the conformity of a product with the essential safety requirements established in the Technical Regulations Of the Eurasian Customs Union (Free Trade Area of ​​Goods, People and Capital).

Fanox entrenches his international strategy with a new approval.

Fanox continues with its successful process of internationalization, with the recent approval by ADWEA, Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority, the Electrical Company of Abu Dhabi and principal Electrical Company of the United Arab Emirates.

Fanox announces new range of Relays with new features in Middle East Electricity 2016

Fanox, company specialized in the design and manufacture of electronic relays for Low and Medium Voltage applications, will be participating in Middle East Electricity 2016, considered one of the biggest Power Industry events in the world, taking place at the World Trade Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The SIA-B, New Fanox Self-powered Relay.

Taking into account the new products that Fanox presents, internationally approved SIA-B relay points out. This self-powered overcurrent and earth-fault protection relay is designed to protect secondary transformer stations and distribution centers of electrical networks.

Fanox was one of the 1st manufacturers to design a self-powered relay. SIA-B has been designed with a very compact size, to cover all customer requirements and making the installation even easier.