Obtaining exclusive technical solutions in the new Generator Protection SIL-G Range

With the new SIL-G design, Fanox reveal how our customer can improve their facilities taking advantage of our innovative protection relays. The Fanox SIL-G range and design SIL G,is a feeder and generator protection whose main applications are renewable energy facilities and 36 kV / 66 kV / 132 kV Substations.

The new SIL-G range, is developed for Primary Distribution to protect a feeder by means of current and voltage protection function. It also provides the main function to protect a generators decoupling, load shedding and loss of main (islanding). It is usually used with a circuit breaker.

Fanox looks to the future to obtain exceptional technical solutions in its new designs to give our costumers the safety and reliability needed to work with a high efficiency.

This new design optimizes the safety while reducing maintenance costs.

SIL-G relay range can work perfectly with an auxiliary power supply 24-220 Vdc / 48-230 Vac or self-powered through VT’s (depending on model).

Capable to measure up to 1000 volts when connected directly to the low voltage line. It protects decoupling, load shedding and loss of main (islanding). Loss of main (islanding) happens when part of the public utility network loses connection with the rest of the system. If this situation is not detected the generator could remain connected, causing hazard the network. Automatic reconnection of the generator to the network may occur cusing a damage to the generator and the network. SIL-G protection relay detects this situation thanks to its voltage and frequency protection functions focused on the Rate of change of frequency (ROCOF) method.

The SIL-G Range stands out because of the Current, Voltage and Frequency Protection Functions:

  • Connection: Measures up to 1.000 volts using VT or connected directly to the low power line.
  • 9 analog channels to measure: 4 for current and 5 for voltage.
  • Wireless communication via WIFI.
  • Arc Flash detection (AFD) with 4 AFD inputs and 4 high-speed outputs.
  • Universal power supply: 24-230 Vdc/48-230 Vac.
  • Up to 2.048 events and 100 oscillography.
  • Compact size.

Please check our detailed product presentations and technical documentation for further information.