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Obtaining exclusive technical solutions in the new Generator Protection SIL-G Range

Looking to the future to obtain exceptional technical solutions in its new designs. This empowering customers to increase the safety and reliability needed to work with a high efficiency.

SIL-V Innovation in protection against a “Loss of Mains (Islanding)”

Fanox has extended its Medium Voltage protection family with the Voltage and Frequency protection relay; SIL-V, among other applications, incorporates interconnections protection and protection against ‘loss of mains’ or islands in the distribution network.

New SIL-G model which is able to protect a Generator by means of current

Fanox increase the range of its catalogue for primary distribution protection relays including Brand new SIL – G model which is able to protect a generator by means of current, voltage and frequency functions. It is normally used in Cogeneration in power stations from gas, steam, hydraulic turbine, or diesel driven generators