Good acceptance of new Fanox designs at MEE 2018

Once we are returned from another Middle East Electricity 2018 exhibition, we would like to thank our partners, distributors and visitors with whom we had the pleasure to meet and share our products.  One year more, Fanox relays had become the safest and most compacts Relays aimed at the electrical market showcased at the exhibition.

All our Relays can be adapted to the technical specifications and requirements of customers, obtaining the best technical solution to meet their application and assembly needs.

At the show, we had revealed how the facilities can be improved using our innovative protection relays, highlighting the SIA-B range; Dual & Self powered overcurrent protection relays using the operating current through three specific current transformers fitted on the lines to power the relay up.

Thanks to the last adaptation, SIL-B relays offers a really reduced dimensions, making these relays suitable for RMUs and compact switchgears where the space is critical.

Furthermore, Fanox is focused on the future to obtain exclusive technical solutions in SIL-G new designs to give our customers the safety and reliability needed to operate with confidence in feeder and generator protection. Relays, specially designed to use in Renewable Energy Facilities and 36 kV / 66 kV / 132 kV Substations.

The range SIL-B and SIL-G relays are really complete relays that includes apart from the voltage, current, power (active and reverse) and frequency protections, several control functions. Besides, they are provided with auto recloser function (up 5 reclosing cycles) and synchronism checks.

All of our products are developed by specialists and will optimize your safety while reducing maintenance costs. See our detailed product presentations and technical documentation