FANOX has recently obtained the EAC Certification for the full range of Medium Voltage Protection Relays.

The EAC Certificate of Conformity is issued by a certification body of the Customs Union between Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, certifying the conformity of a product with the essential safety requirements established in the Technical Regulations Of the Eurasian Customs Union (Free Trade Area of ​​Goods, People and Capital).

Obtaining the EAC brand, which replaces the GOST brand for medium voltage relays, is added to that of low voltage relays, and to other certifications such as CE, IEC or UL. The EAC certification will enable Fanox to successfully exploit new market opportunities.

Among other things, this certification guarantees that the quality of the product is “stable”, specifying the necessary measures for the maintenance of the same assurance of the same. This assurance is based on a complete, detailed and correct technical documentation of the equipment, methodologies of control of design and production as well as analysis and management of safety aspects. Finally, the requirement to have a “technical passport” is one of the most important novelties of each one in obtaining and securing the EAC mark.