Fanox entrenches his international strategy with a new approval.

Fanox continues with its successful process of internationalization, with the recent approval by ADWEA, Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority, the Electrical Company of Abu Dhabi and principal Electrical Company of the United Arab Emirates.

The SIA-C, Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection Relay for Secondary Distribution, is now the unique self powered relay that can be used as protection relay in the RMUs or as stand by earth fault relay in its dual version for ADWEA installations.

This approval, in addition to already obtained ones in the United Kingdom (ENA), in Saudi Arabia (SEC and ARAMCO), in the United Arab Emirates (FEWA) and in Malaysia (TNB) among others, consolidate Fanox as the leader of Self Powered Protection Relays for Medium Voltage in the markets with the biggest forecasts.

After a hard work, Fanox relays have become a reference in the electrical sector with more than 35 worldwide approvals and the confidence of Utilities and electrical companies around the world.

Fanox’s commitment is that our devices are designed, manufacturer, tested and approval in conformity with the most demanding international procedure to provide them the benefits, that offer the maximum safety, reliability and useful life.

Our work is based on commitment and reliability is the result.