Fanox among the world 4 Top Manufacturers of Self-powered Relays

According to recent updated market researches, the world market of self-powered relays is dominated by four main players: Siemens, Fanox, ABB and Schneider. At present Fanox has become the biggest independent Manufacturer of Self-powered Protection Relays.

Self-powered Protection Relays are widely used in distribution networks and they have the advantage to obtain the power needed to operate from the distribution line through a CT (Current Transformer). In the recent years, the technological development of the electronics has enabled Self-powered Relays to provide more complex features, additional protection functions and advanced communications. In addition, Self-powered Relays can provide valuable information to the SCADA systems, thus becoming an important component of the Smart Grids.

Fanox has developed a wide range of Self-powered Relays, powered both by specific CTs and standard CTs. Fanox relays start from simple OC & EF protection functions to more complex relays with communications, configurable inputs and outputs, disturbance fault records.