Why protect your pumps and panels with electronic relays from Fanox?

  1. To avoid dry running of the pump without the use of level sensors
  2. To avoid nuisance tripping. Motors are shut down in case of fault and automatically reconnected without having to go on-site to reset.
  3. The relays have Thermal image memory which allows total control of heating and cooling cycles  of the pump during start-up, operation and stopping,
  4. They offer added protection such as Phase Failure, Phase loss and Phase Inversion.
  5. Easy and quick installation. Maintenance free, and adaptable to already existing installations without downtime and removal of pump from its place.
  6. Cost savings

Protection Panels for sumersible Pumps – WITHOUT LEVEL SENSORS

Single Phase Panels – CBM

One of the most critical situations in pump operation is dry running. In dry running situations a current decrease is detected. This reduction of consumed current is measured by the PS-R electronic relay fitted to the protection panel: When the preset undercurrent value is reached it switches the pump off.

Panels for Submersible Three Phase Pumps – CBT

The cosine of phi (Cos φ) is the value of the cosine of the phase angle between the voltage and the intensity of the electrical current. Therefore, in dry running situations, cos φ falls significantly. This reduction is monitored by the PF-R relay installed in FANOX three-phase protection panels, meaning that when it falls beneath the adjusted value, the panel shuts down the pump and protects it from damage.

Three Phase Panels With Soft Starter – CBS

FANOX protection panels with progressive startup and shut-down are fitted with ES soft starters to prevent problems caused by water hammering or sudden start-ups and shut-downs. Protection against dry running is provided by the PF-R relay that monitors the value of cos φ and shuts down the pump when it falls below the selected value.