Panels for submersible three phase Pumps – CBT

Panels for submersible three phase Pumps – CBT

Main Advantages:

  • Thermal memory that memorises heating and cooling cycles of the motor.
  • Automatic reset for well filling and adjustable from 2 to 75 minutes.
  • Indication of tripping cause.
  • Control point for pressure switch, buoy, programmer…
  • Includes: circuit breaker 3P or 3P+N, PF electronic relay, contactor, LED’s and on/off switch.
  • Models with a metal case also include voltmeter, ammeter and cos φ meter.

The cosine of phi (cos φ) is the value of the cosine of the phase angle between the voltage and the intensity of the electrical current. This oscillates from a value slightly below 1 for a full load operating motor to almost 0 when it is dry running.


Protection functions:

  • Dry running by monitoring cos φ
  • Overload with thermal memory
  • Phase loss/imbalance
  • Incorrect phase sequence
  • Short-circuit

Equipment with halogen-free wiring