Automation products used in transmission and distribution worldwide, are field proven for their breadth of utility protocols supported. Building upon the reliable technology, they are designed for high reliability and performance.

Strong, multi-layered security features provide a checkpoint for ensuring data integrity between downstream grid devices and the control center.

SYNC 2100 series – Intelligent RTU

SYNC 2100 series of Intelligent Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are ideal for various T&D I/O monitoring, Distribution Automation and Substation Monitoring applications.

SYNC 3000 series – Substation DCU

Kalkitech’s SYNC 3000 data concentrators are proven solutions meant for heavy duty substation applications, and have been used in various applications in power generation, transmission and distribution segments across the world. This rack mount product is ideal for new and upcoming substation automation requirements of the Smart Grid and R-APDRP. It has enhanced communication security features as well as IEC61850-3 level robustness. SYNC 3000 can be used for niche applications including disturbance data recording, ICCP based control center communication and many more.

SYNC 4000 – Control Center Front End

SYNC 4000 products series are Control Centre level Front end servers used for variety of high performance and heavy duty data collection applications including Wide Area Monitoring, SCADA/DMS Data Aggregation, M2M Data Concentration, etc.