SYNC 2100 series are compact RTUs with high performance attributes combining IO support, advanced PLC function support and wide range of protocols.

With it modular design and enhanced security and EMI/EMI as well as environmental ruggedness, SYNC 2100 is suited for a wide range of application including distribution asset monitoring (RMUs, reclosers, sectionalizers, Distribution transformers, etc.), substation asset monitoring and wind / solar remote monitoring.

Following are the key features:


  • Enabled with smart grid protocols IEC 60870-101/104, DNP3.0, Modbus and IEC 61850
  • Stores last 10,000 events
  • Multi-master communication capability (many-to-many protocol conversion capability)
  • Local/Remote communication over serial and Ethernet port
  • Automatic startup and initialization following power restoration
  • Time synchronization using IEC60870/DNP3/SNTP
  • Device management using SNMP/webserver
  • Time stamping resolution of 1 millisecond
  • Device and communication redundancy supported


  • Communication security using IEC 62351
  • SSL based VPN with AES, DES or 3DES encryption over WAN/LAN
  • NERC-CIP security compliant


  • IEC 61850-3 compliant hardware
  • Remote configuration and software update/FOTA

Scalability and upgradability

  • Inbuilt and plug-in I/O support
  • Custom card based on the requirement
  • Internal and external pluggable cellular modem (GPRS/EDGE/CDMA/UMTS)
  • External pluggable RF modem
  • Option for expanding communication port

SYNC 2100 has three variants:

  1. SYNC 2101 with fixed I/Os (max 30 I/O points)
  2. SYNC 2111-M2 with 4 I/O card expandability (max 64 I/O points)
  3. SYNC 2111-M3 with 7 I/O card expandability (max 112 I/O points)

SYNC 2101: Built-in card having maximum of 20 DIs, 6DOs and 4AIs. It is ideal for asset monitoring of auto-reclosers, sectionalizers and capacitor banks. SYNC 2101 has numerous variants for outdoor use (high IP based rugged enclosure) as well as features like SMS send on power outage, advanced logic support, etc.

SYNC 2111: These products come with add-on I/O card options, for up to 112 I/O points, of varying combinations of DI, DO and AI. The variants are best suited for applications with Ring Main Unit (RMU), Distribution Transformers, and other assets having medium/ large I/O requirements. All models support a large number of substation protocols, and are comply to high EMI/EMC standards.The SYNC 2111-M2 variant supports a maximum of 4 I/O cards while the SYNC 2111-M3 supports a maximum of 7 cards, which can be any of the combinations of:

  • 16 DI Card
  • 16 DO Card
  • 8 AI Card(unipolar)
  • 8 AI Card(bipolar)