SYNC 3000 – Control Center Concentrator

SYNC 3000 – Control Center Concentrator

Kalkitech SYNC 3000 series is a range of high-performance data concentrators and communication devices that serve as the ideal substation communication hub with advanced features including redundancy, robustness and security features compliant with IEC and NERC-CIP standards. SYNC 3000 supports a wide range of protocols including ICCP TASE.2 (IEC 60870-6), IEC 61850 GOOSE, DNP3.0 and can support up to 12 RS232/485 and 6 Ethernet ports. SYNC 3000 also supports IEC-61131-3


  • Vast protocol conversion capability
  • Adaptable for customization and additional protocols
  • Multi master communication capability
  • Automatic startup and initialization following power restoration
  • Disturbance and fault record collection and management
  • IEC61131 based programing logic (optional)
  • Time synchronization using IEC60870/DNP3/SNTP/IEEE1588
  • Transparent/tunneling support for remote configuration and disturbance collection
  • Device management using SNMP/webserver
  • File upload/ download support, remote configuration
  • Obtains and stores event records locally and remotely
  • IEC61850-3 certified for substation environment
  • MTBF of 100,000 hours and more
  • No fans or other moving parts
  • IEC 61850-3 compliant hardware*
  • KEMA certified IEC 61850 server
  • Supports device redundancy
  • Provides communication security on both upstream and downstream
  • Variants with up to 12 serial ports and 6 Ethernet ports available
  • Option for expanding communication ports using terminal server and pluggable switch
  • Fiber optic Ethernet option available
  • Inbuilt and external pluggable I/O
  • Eternal pluggable cellular modem (GPRS/EDGE/CDMA/UMTS)
  • External pluggable RF/PSTN modem
  • Wide range of AC and DC power supply
  • NERC-CIP compliant security
  • SSL VPN with AES, DES or 3DES encryption
  • 62351 based transport layer security
12-SYNC-30001 SYNC 3000 S12R6/R4/R2: With up to 6 Ethernet and 12 serial ports, SYNC 3000 S12R6 is perfect for large scale substation data concentration activities, and supports more than 50000 data points (10000 IEC61850 data-points). The device is rugged and therefore suitable for substation environments. It is IEC61850-3 certified, offers heavy duty ESD protection as well as optional SATA hard disk support. It is available in three variants with 2, 4 or 6 Ethernet ports.
  • IEC 61850 Substation Data Concentrator
  • Sub-station to Control Center Gateway
  • AMI/ Smart Grid/ Metering
  • AMI/ Demand Side Controller Gateways
  • Smart Grid Protocol Converter
  • Substation Gateway and Protocol Converter

Disturbance Data collection gateway:  SYNC 3000 has the capability to collect disturbance data from IEDs supplied by multiple vendors on real time basis. It has the ability to gather, process and present real-time data related to faults and disturbances at individual substations as well as convert the disturbance data into the COMPTRADE file format and transmit it to the control center over a secure communication channel.

  • Substation level Phasor Data concentrator: SYNC 3000 can also be used as a substation level phasor data concentrator for SYNC 4100 in the wide area monitoring solution. It is IEC 61850-3 certified, NREC CIP compliant and concentrates PMU streams and transmits it to the central/regional data centre.


General Management Kalkitech EasyConnect configuration utility/web server/SNMP & SSH interface over secure network.
Maintenance Direct over debug port or console port
Device Security NERC/CIP Compliant, SSHv2
Communication Security IEC62351-3 and -5 (DNP3 secure authentication), SSL based VPN tunnel using Blowfish/AES/3DES
Logic Programming AND/OR/NOT/Bit SHIFT/Split/Index support for digital and analog data,Delay operations, IEC61131-3 based logic engine on request
Redundancy Communication redundancy on upstream/downstream linkDevice redundancy
CPU Processor Dual core processor (High-end quad core processor option available)
Memory RAM 1 GB
Secondary Storage Upto 4 GB flash HDD Optional SATA HDD support Upto 128GB
Certifications & Approvals Emission (EMC) CISPR 22:2008-09, Ed6.0, EN55022:2006/A1:2007 Green Product RoHS
Power Automation (EMI) IEC 618502 (IEC61000-4-4 EFT, IEC61000-4-5 SURGE, IEC61000-4-6 Conducted RF, IEC61000-4-12 Damped Oscillatory Wave, 61000-4-10 Damped Oscillatory Magnetic Field, IEC61000-4-8 Power Frequency Magnetic Field, IEC61000-4-11 Voltage dips and interrupts, IEC61000-4-3 RS, IEC61000-4-2 ESD, IEC61000-4-16 immunity to conducted common mode disturbances)
  ESD Protection 15 KV for air discharge8 KV for contact discharge
Communication Capability Proprietary Protocols ABB – RP570, 571, SPA busSEL –SEL451, 421, 311, 300GSchneider – SEPAM ModbusAreva – Courier


Additional Protocols Reffer the full list of protocols at:
Standard Protocols IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, DNP3 serial/TCP, Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP, IEC62056-DLMS, IEC61850, IEC61400, ICCP, IEEE37.118
Device Support IEC61850, ICCP, SPA Upto 250 (Model dependent) DNP3, IEC60870, Modbus and other proprietary protocols Upto 500 (Model dependent)
Data Point Support IEC61850, ICCP, SPA Upto 500 (Model dependent) DNP3, IEC60870, Modbus and other proprietary protocols Upto 500 (Model dependent)
Communication Interfaces Serial
Connector Up to 12 serial ports - 4 RS-232/RS485 ports (RJ45, all ports with two-wire - Tx & Rx signals);4 RS-232 ports (RJ45, one full modem port, remaining four-wire -Tx, Rx, RTS & CTS);4 RS-485 ports (Terminal - Tx, Rx)
Connector Up to 6 RJ45 ports (2/4/6 out of which 2 ports shall be switching ports)
Physical Layer Auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps for first 4 ports and 10/100 Mbps for next 2 ports, auto MDI-X
Isolation 1500VAC min per IEEE802.3/ANSI X3.263
Power Requirements Power Supply 80-264V AC, (47-63 Hz), 89-370V DCSingle or dual inputs Consumption 26W
Physical Design  Rugged fan less design Mounting Standard 19-inch rack-mount
Weight (In grams)  4500 Dimensions (H x W x D) 440 mm x 45 mm x 315 mm (340 mm including connectors)
LED Indications Power, LAN Link/status, serial port RX/TX, processor status
Environmental Storage Temperature -40ºC to +80ºC Operating Temparature IEC60870-2-2, -40ºC to +70ºC
Relative Humidity  IEC60870-2-2, 5% - 95% RH non-condensing Barometric Pressure Test IEC60870-2-2, 0-3000 m (101.3kPa to 70kPa)
Anti-Vibration As per 60870-2-1 Anti-Shock As per 60870-2-1
Ordering Options Variants Hasta 10000 (dependiendo del modelo)DNP3, IEC60870, Modbus y otros protocolos propietariosHasta 50000 (dependiendo del modelo)