The SIA-C, internationally approved relay, has a new sizes, much easier to install.

Among the news that presents the protection relay manufacturer Fanox, is the new size of the modern SIA-C, internationally approved. This overcurrent and earth fault self-powered relay is designed for protecting the secondary transformer centers as well as the electrical lines distribution centers.

Being Fanox one of the first manufacturers in designing one self-powered relay with these characteristics, now has already designed the SIA-C, with a more compact size, for covering all the customers’ requirements and making the installation much easier.

The relay SIA-C gets its supply from the current lines through standard transformers /1 or /5 placed therein, eliminating the necessity of batteries and any other kind of maintenance, decreasing this way considerably the center’s operative cost. Optionally it is possible to add auxiliary supply apart from the characteristic self-powered supply. The relay can be occasionally fed through an external battery (KITCOM) for carrying out the startup and office adjustment tasks. The possibility of supply through external battery, linked to the possibility of activating the tripping contact through the test menu permits checking the tripping circuit previous the energization of the transformer center.

The tripping signalizing is done thanks to one or various magnetic indicators that keep their position even when the relay has lost its supply.

The big advantage of these devices is their relationship quality/price.

Fanox offers compact, innovative and well-finished equipment comparable in performance to the ones that offer the big companies, but with a much more competitive price. Our experience supports us, and the main feature of these relays is their great flexibility in design that permit adapting their model list to the requisites and features of each application.

Some of the reasons that push us to elect Fanox for our center are:

  • The capacity of changing the language among the ones included in the series equipment.
  • SICOM Software that is included freely in all the relays of the range SIA, permits having access to all the relay’s information easily and intuitively, changing the setting adjustments and saving events using a graphic user’s interface.
  • The safety that provides knowing that we count with devices of class for in the EMC classification of electromagnetic compatibility, our switchgear will see itself more protected and this way we ensure the durability and sturdiness of our protection.
  • The low consumption of these relays permit distributing efficiently the energy available in the center. Generally protections are a problem due to the power kept for them, Fanox relays turn to be one solution that enables the inclusion of other equipment necessary in the substation.
  • The exactness and precision of the measures got from these equipment mean a significant saving, as measurement, protection and control is available in one device without the necessity of getting voltage or current meters. Not to talk about the self-powered models, that take advantage of the supplying energy coming from the operating current, eliminating the necessity of batteries and decreasing this way the operative costs of the center.