The SIA-B, New Fanox Self-powered Relay.

Taking into account the new products that Fanox presents, internationally approved SIA-B Relay points out. This Self-powered Overcurrent and Earth-fault Protection Relay is designed to protect Secondary Transformer Stations and Distribution Centers of Electrical Networks.

Fanox was one of the 1st manufacturers to design a self-powered relay. SIA-B has been designed with a very compact size, to cover all customer requirements and making the installation even easier.

The SIA-B Relay, as SIA-C relay, is self-powered from the current lines through the current transformers fitted on them. Unlike the SIA-C relay, which uses standard CTs, SIA-B Relay uses specific CT for this purpose. The need for batteries and any maintenance routine is eliminated, reducing considerably, the operating cost of the center. Optionally. auxiliary power supply is available in addition to self-powered characteristic.

Besides, the device can be occasionally powered by an external portable battery kit (KITCOM) for commissioning and setting up process through the front USB port. The possibility of using external battery power, together with the possibility of activating the trip contact from the test menu, allows the trip circuit to be tested before the transformation center is powered up.

It can also be supplied from a USB cable which goes directly till PC. The USB is plugged into the front communications port. Using USB cable for power supply does not inhibit the USB communications port, as it can be used simultaneously.

The signalling is achieved through two LEDs (LED On-the unit has started properly and LED alarm-an alarm has occurred) and optionally a magnetic indicator (flag) for signaling the trip. The flag maintains its position even when the relay loses the power supply.

The main advantage of this relay is its price/quality ratio. Fanox offers compact, innovative and well finished relays, with features comparable to the relays offered by big companies, but with a much more competitive price. We are backed by our track record, and the main characteristic of these relays is the flexibility in the design that allows the model list to be adapted to the requirements and characteristics of the installation.

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