The FANOX T&D SIA-C and SIA-B Relays are Overcurrent & Earth Fault Protection Relay that has passed several tests according to IEC 60255-26, IEC 610000-4 series for EMC, insulation tests according to IEC 60255-27 and IEC 60255-5, mechanical tests according to IEC 60255-21 series and climatic tests according to IEC 60068-2 series at the DNV KEMA laboratories in Arnhem, the Netherlands. These tests guarantee the SIA-C usage with total safety and quality in any installation all over the world.

All these improvements are focused in having the installation under the safest control and in saving cost in terms of material and personnel.

Fanox as a specialist in SELF-POWERED relays, is the best ally to adapt your switchgear to what market demands.

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