FANOX, under the scope of design, production, commercialization, and technical service of devices for electronic and electromechanical protection, control, metering, and communication of electronic applications, bases its management on the Quality of its services and processes and in the Environmental respect, as a result of the environmental performance improvement and the continuous improvement focus on addressing the needs and requirements of our customers and stakeholders.

The Integrated Management System is also based on the employees’ participation, allowing their development and helping to promote Quality and encourage Environmental protection at all levels in FANOX. In the same way, all the stakeholders’ collaboration is essential to make the most of all the Organization’s abilities.

The Top Management believes that the FANOX Integrated Management System is a strategic and priority tool with the following targets:

  • Know the expectations of the customers, internal and external, and other stakeholders to deliver products and services meeting or even exceeding their expectations.
  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements.
  • To promote the culture of continuous improvement and excellence in management with the aim of increasing competitiveness and creating value for shareholders, employees, and stakeholders.
  • Prevent pollution by identifying, evaluating, and controlling the environmental aspects.
  • Manage all the generated waste in our activity, always attending to the established legal requirements and raising awareness among the staff to support sound environmental practices.

Encourage the involvement of FANOX employees through teamwork, adequate flow of information, internal communication, training, and recognition of achievements