Fanox specialized manufacturer of self powered relays.


Why is Fanox the leader manufacturer of self powered relays all over the world

The relays are self powered by the operating current. No batteries, chargers or any other external power sources are required. This means that the maintenance of transmission and distribution centers is heavily reduced. Besides, our wide range of models can satisfy all customer needs.

All models are Dual & Self powered. The relays can be also powered from an external battery, ensuring complete operation of the equipment, including tripping, despite faults and power failures

Main advantages over other brands:

• High electromagnetic compatibility makes SIA relays the safest relays in the market, minimun guarantee period 5 years.
• Standard CTs /1A or /5A can be used saving money. Required burden is <2.5 VA for/1.
• The energy available to trip the striker is the highest in the market: 24V – 288mJ.
• Possibility of SCADA communication for all relays.
• Very intuitive menu, extremely easy to adjust.
• No one in the market gives more for so competitive prices.
• Our flexible design offers solutions for all the applications worldwide: coils,strikers, dual-powered installations…




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Improve your RMU or your switchgear by using Fanox protection relays, the best quality at a very competitive Price.