Fanox SIA-B Protection Relays are included in Xiria’s EATON product family offering

Fanox SIA-B is a great addition to Xiria offering and creating more versatility for its growing customer base. This cooperation benefits the end-users. It can be used for more demanding applications; photovoltaic, windfarm, renewable energy…

The SIA-B, Self-powered Protection Relays fits perfectly in EATON Xiria SF6Free medium voltage switchgear and requires minimal inspection, and maintenance leading to low operation costs.


SIA-B Protection Relay with specific CT’s provides a comprehensive range of protection functions in amazingly compact and lightweight housing, preventative maintenance, and remarkable cost savings.

  • Remote communications RS485 Modbus RTU
  • Self-Powered & Dual-Powered (Self+Vaux)
  • Low consumption
  • Wide protection range through the Sensors
  • Load data profiling
  • Disturbance fault recording
  • With internal commissioning battery as optional

Ansi Code Functions: 50, 51, 51N, 49T, 50N, 49, PGC, TB

Xiria is Eaton’s product family of SF6-free medium voltage switchgear for ring main unit and secondary switchgear applications.

Self-powered relays from Fanox are a good choice giving the capability to include more features for different applications”.