SIR-C Overhead Control / RTU and Feeder Protection Relay

We persist in providing advanced high-protection relay solutions for diverse applications. Specifically, we present the SIR-C OverheadControl and FeederProtection system.

The SIR-C functions as an Overhead Control / RTU and Feeder Protection Relay. It incorporates current, voltage, and frequency functions for primary and secondary distribution. The relay has an auxiliary power supply of 24 to 230 Vdc/ac, ensuring robust and reliable performance.

➤Capacitive and Resistive Low-power Voltage Sensors (LEA): 4 current and 6 voltage channels.
➤Control Capabilities: Enables signaling/control of the circuit breaker (function 52) and the recloser (function 79).
➤User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with a user-friendly navigation keypad with programmable hotkeys and LEDs for various functions.
➤Allows communications: rear port (RS485 for serial and RJ45 for ethernet interface) and front port through a micro USB connector.
➤Multiple industrial protocols: DNP3.0 and Modbus RTU, IEC60870-5-103, IEC60870-5-104, IEC61850.
➤Clears fault quickly through the SOTF (Switch On To Fault) function.
➤Non-volatile RAM memory in order to store up to 3072 events and disturbance fault recording (DFR), maintaining date & time thanks to its internal RTC (real Time Clock).
➤Oscillography: contains 10 analogue channels and up to 96 configurable digital channels, which can be downloaded and saved in COMTRADE format (IEEE C37.111-1991) using the SICom Communications Software.

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