Higher Quality and Reliability – SIL-A Feeder Protection Relay has been tested at the KEMA succesfully

Fanox has performed a complete set of type tests in Kema Laboratories (The Netherlands) on the SIL-A Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection Relay. We are extremely proud of our people; we realize the quality of support our very well trained team provides.

This independent certification will give our customers higher quality and reliability assurance on Fanox products.

The SIL-A is an efficient, advanced, and reliable feeder protection relay with overcurrent and earth fault protection for primary and secondary distribution.

It is developed using the latest hardware technology, and it is available in several models according to customer requirements and installation needs.

SIL-A has a design that requires less equipment and space, reducing operating costs and maintenance. The optimal design makes the useful life of the device longer and enhanced safety by reducing hazards. In addition to saving installation time

Improved safety with remote communication (ports and protocols)
RS485, IEC60870-5-103, Modbus RTU or DNP3.0, Modbus TCP/IP, IEC60870-5-104, RJ45, IEC61850

Volatile RAM memory in order to store up to 2048 events and a configurable number of disturbance fault recording (DFR). COMTRADE format, maintaining date & time thanks to its internal RTC (Real Time Clock)

The oscillography is downloaded by a communications port. The SICom communications program allows the oscillography record to be downloaded and saved in COMTRADE format (IEEE C37.111-1991)