Safely test your IED with Fanox Test Blocks and Plugs

FANOX FTS Testing System, offering both Test Blocks and Test Plugs, is the best solution for checking relays and devices mounted in switchgears already installed and working in the electrical network. Even more, It can be done in easiest, safest and most reliable conditions because FTS has been designed focused, not only on functionality, but the security and risk reduction for operators:

  • Maximum safety for the user.
  • Internal automatic CT short circuiting.
  • Single hand fully isolated plug.
  • Locking system for safest operation.
  • Possibility of horizontal or vertical mounting, respectively.

FANOX FTB Test Block can be adapted to multiple applications (current, voltage, tripping/signalling contacts, digital inputs….), providing an automatic short-circuit in case of current transformers just when Test Plug is inserted into the Test Block. No external wirings are required. Even more, Test Block has been specifically design to avoid unexpected trips when connecting and disconnecting.

The rugged FANOX FTP Test Plug includes a mechanism to guide and facilitate the insertion on the test block in the correct position. Once the test plug is inserted, it is possible to block it mechanically so that not involuntary extraction could be done.

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