Kalkitech’s SYNC 5000 is a high end Meter Data Acquisition System that performs AMR/ AMI data analysis in an integrated application base. This head-end software is the key component in end-to-end automatic metering and is ideal for Grid Metering as well as LT Consumer Metering and Demand Side Management. SYNC 5000 has advanced features for analysis of load profile data, web based front end for all user configurations, user management, and large meter support up to 100,000 Consumer meters with three hours schedule for 120 days (Grid metering for 5000 meters with 10 sec schedule for 120 days) based on performance tests conducted (theoretically scalable to millions of meters).

The standards based interface with field and enterprise software as well as the distributed architecture of the system ensure unmatched scalability and interoperability in AMR/AMI implementations, and thus, is future-proof for Smart Grid deployments.