Smart Metering DCUs are a critical component in any AMI network facilitating data collection, optimization and transport between nodal points and meters to the control centre and the upstream data management systems. DCUs of today need to be flexible and scalable to support various downstream and upstream technologies via self-healing neworks.


Kalkitech SYNC 1700 series are ideally suited for the above application, acting as an LT Metering Data Concentrator Unit intended for data acquisition, transmission and storage of metering data from consumer meters to data center, on request or by push mechanism. The DCU is suited for installation in medium voltage (MV) / low voltage (LV) transformer stations as well as at the customer premises.

SYNC 1700 has numerous plug-in options for connecting meters at the downstream end (LV Power-Line Carrier (PLC) modem / Low Power Radio modem / Serial RS232/485 port). Cellular modem (GPRS/CDMA/PSTN/ WiMAX) and Wide Area Network (via Ethernet/ VSAT) are the options available for upstream communication to central system.

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