Test sets provide the customer the possibility to interact with Industrial Protocols being able to analyze, test and simulate master and slave behavior with an additional capability to see the traffic between both devices.

These tools provide a powerful and flexible environment where integrators, manufacturers, utilities and others companies can interact with management applications to help in configuration, testing and dianosing communication problems between a wide range of protocols (Modbus, DNP3, IEC60870-5-101/103/104, IEC61850, DLMS/COSEM, others).

ASE 2000

ASE protocol and communication tests products are used by IED equipment manufacturers, SCADA system vendors, electric power utilities and other sector companies that need to develop/test different protocols. More than 75 protocols are supported.

ASE61850 Suite

The ASE61850 Suite is a pack of applications that includes ASE 61850 Communications TestSet, , SCL Manager and IED Smart. These tools are able to help the user to configure, test and simulate IEC61850 devices in different scenarios.

ASE DLMS Meter Explorer

Kalkitech Meter Explorer is a Windows based DLMS/ COSEM Metering Testing tool with DLMS Client driver as well as OPC access (v3.0) server interface. Meter Explorer is the ideal tool for advanced DLMS meter testing and has been used by the leading meter manufacturers as an in-house test tool, before formal certification process.