1. Dual powered (self-powered + Vaux)
  2. Compact size and an awesome price for the complete solution: Relay + 3 CTs.
  3. Information to analyze the trip:
    • 100 events record and 4 fault reports saved in a non-volatile RAM. Most of the relays don’t give information about what has happened.
    • The relay indicates the trip cause even with supply lose. (Flags)
  4. Several curves (IEC and ANSI) to achieve a complete overcurrent protection (50P, 51P, 50N, 51N, 49T, 49, and trip block )
  5. User-friendly interface allowing complete management of the relay through the frontal keypad. All the information is available through the display (LCD).
  6. Front USB port to communicate and to power supply simultaneously connecting the relay directly to the PC.
  7. 5 years warranty.

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