Kalkitech’s DLMS COSEM (IEC 62056) ANSI C Source Code Libraries are designed to help you support DLMS on your metering hardware within a very short time, with a field proven and conformance tested protocol stack implementation. The libraries are DLMS UA attested and in ANSI C Source Code which can be cross-compiled into your target platform. The Source Code Libraries are available for both Client and Server DLMS-COSEM applications. Pre-compiled object libraries are also available on all major metering chip models, so that the implementation and testing lead time is significantly reduced. Kalkitech’s DLMS Source Code Library has been implemented in more than 50 meter platforms and on numerous metering processors including: (a) Microchip (b) Atmel (c) Freescale (d) Teridian (e) STMicroelectronics.


Kalkitech provides an easy upgrade path for Meter OEMs to implement DLMS/ COSEM protocol in their existing/ new meters by providing a DLMS Server Source Code/ Object Library (ANSI C). The stack has been written keeping in mind the hardware resource constraints typically found in metering hardware platforms and provides flexibility to trade-off between ROM and RAM storage for several large-footprint items (like configuration information, object OBIS lists).

The ROM size for a full stack, using all features is found to be about 40KB (without meter configuration information) and runs under 2.8KB RAM. Configuration info for a typical meter with about 150 objects, a few Associations and profile capture-object lists was seen to occupy an additional 15KB ROM.

DLMS COSEM Source Code Library now supports DLMS COSEM TCP/IP UDP Profile also.

Key advantages of Kalkitech DLMS COSEM stack include:

  • ANSI C Code that can run on all ANSI C compilers and processors
  • More than 50+ meter implementations
  • DLMS UA Attested
  • Client and Server Source Code
  • Client Test Tools for validating  implementation in the meter or modem
  • Subsidized implementation consulting and training provided
  • Flexible Licensing for Meters, AMR Software, Hand-Held readers, Modems, Data Concentrators
  • Supports Indian DLMS COSEM Companion Standard