Soft Starters and Motor Controller- ES

Soft Starters and Motor Controller- ES

  • For three-phase induction motors of up to 22 kW / 400 V.
  • Built in heat dissipater and electro-mechanical bypass relay.
  • Substitutes the conventional contactors with a greater operating life. One in direct start-up and three in star-delta start-up.
  • Lower maintenance cost.
  • No pressure surge when using pumps and compressors. Reduces hammering.
  • Less current and voltage drop during start up. Allows for reduced power consumption.
  • Mechanical dimensioning can be optimised.
  • Simplified automation.
  • Assembly, setting, installation, commissioning and maintenance are made easy by the compact design.
  • Reduces start and stop torque, eliminating mechanical problems.
  • Additional cooling is not necessary thanks to the bypass built-in relay.
  • Substitutes the conventional contactors: one for direct start-up and three for star-delta start-up



  • Soft START
  • Soft STOP

ES 230-45 and ES 400-25 models include:

  • Phase imbalance or phase loss
  • Overtemperature
  • Phase sequence