Generator Protection Relays – GEN

Specially applicable to protect low voltage generators up to 1.000 Vac, and currents up to 2.000A or higher. Precise motor heating and cooling memory, reproduces its thermal image.

  • For generators up to 1000 Vac
  • With thermal memory
  • Visual indication of tripping cause
  • Fast tripping curves

It offers a suitable protection offering the choice between 15 trip curves thus avoiding the generator working over its damage curve.

External Display Module

By means of this plug-in optional accessory, the relay status can be seen and reset from the exterior of the electrical panel board.
Easy to install. Size of a Ø22 mm push button.

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Protection Functions

  • Overload
  • Phase imbalance or phase loss

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U3-S / U3-N – Three-Phase Voltage Control Relays

  • Protects three-phase installations against voltage variations between phases, incorrect sequence of phases and phase loss.
  • Self-powered by the voltage to be monitored
  • Visual indication of trip cause
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum thresholds
  • Adjustable trip time delay
  • DIN rail mounting