Voltage Control Relays – U3

Three-phase voltage Relay

  • Self powered by the voltaje to be monitored.
  • Visual indication on trip cause.
  • DIN  mounting.
  • Protects three-phase installations against voltaje variations between phases, incorrect sequence of phases and phase loss.
  • Adjustable mínimum and máximum thresholds.
  • Adjustable trip time delay.

U3S model:

  • U3S-420 model is valid for 400 and 440  nominal voltage.

U3N model:

  • Two independent output relays.
  • Includes protection against neutral loss.

Protection functions

  • Overvoltage
  • Undervoltage
  • Phase imbalance or phase loss
  • Phase sequence

Model U3N includes:

  • Loss of neutral



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