• Protection relay against variations of the ambient temperature (min/max), overtemperature of the motor, phase sequence and phase imbalance or phase loss.
  • DIN rail mounting.
  • Visual indication of trip cause.

Temperature Control

  • Controls the temperature of the motor room (relay + external module OD-T2) or the temperature inside switchboards where no motor room is present. (relay + internal sensor IN-T2).
  • Designed according to the EN 81-1 standard and complying with the European Union Directive for Lifts (95/16/CE).
  • Two adjustable temperature thresholds.

Phase and Temperature (PTC) Relay

  • To Protect 3-phase devices.
  • Suitable for Motors with built-in PTC sensors in applications such as elevators, cranes, hoists and similar installations.
  • Sensitive to incorrect phase sequence.
  • Monitoring of short circuit and ruptured wire in PTC circuit.



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    Protection functions T2

    • Temperature variation

    Protection functions TST24

    • Phase imbalance or phase loss
    • Phase sequence
    • Overtemperature
    • Temperature variation
    • Thermistor short-circuit