This year Fanox celebrates 30th anniversary

Fanox turns 30 years old, and it seems like yesterday when in 1992, businessman Francisco Gomez Ibargüengoitia founded Fanox, raising a historic family business with the clear objective of bringing innovation to the electrical sector.

The electrical power system undergoes constant transformations to provide uninterrupted supply to the growing energy demand. It no longer depends on large generation plants, with the emergence of small decentralized energy sources closer to consumers. This fact brings complexity to the network, and the solutions of companies like FANOX, dedicated to protecting the electrical grid, take an essential role in the day-to-day of all as energy consumers.

The mission of a Protection Relay is to ensure the continuous supply of energy.

We live in a world of continuous change, and Fanox has always faced the future with the flexibility to evolve, with new customers, new requirements, and market opportunities in mind.

Fanox visualized the great potential of Self-powered Technology and became an international reference. This solution means there is no need for auxiliary voltage to power a relay, as it is powered by the energy obtained from the line it is protecting. It means a significant reduction in the maintenance of transformer substations.

Today, Fanox has produced more than 60,000 medium voltage relays in 2021. It has achieved Approvals and Homologations in large electrical companies, being an honor to provide technology and Protection Relays worldwide.

The rise of renewable energies is leading the transformation of the electricity system to an increasingly decentralized system. Fanox has prepared itself thoroughly by adapting all of its highly efficient relays, which are currently operating successfully in solar plants, wind turbines, hydro generators, etc., all over the world.

Fanox has made in recent years an intense transformation process. Still, it was four years ago, in anticipation of the established strategic sales plan, IT department and in Application was made a significant investment.

Not only did the staff increase, but these new means fall within the so-called Industry 4.0 that significantly improved the time and quality of the production process, with features such as artificial vision and artificial intelligence.

Fanox today has state-of-the-art equipment for HW&FW design and validation testing and reinvests more than 15% of sales in R&D every year. Its philosophy is based on constantly investing resources in Engineering and Design, the spearhead of Fanox to offer equipment that provides efficient and reliable solutions.

But we cannot end our journey without mentioning the true potential of Fanox, which is its people.

All the people who have worked at Fanox collectively contribute, in one way or another, to the development of advanced protection systems for the real world. We are trying these protection systems to improve people’s lives worldwide.

It is an essential part of the purpose that motivates Fanox to do our work every day