How to prevent engine burnouts, saving costly repairs and preventing dreaded and unnecessary downtime in any important process

Experience shows that motor protection is still a novelty and yet not a priority amongst users. The high numbers of faults that occur every day are mainly due to overloads, locked rotor, phase failure or imbalance, heavy bursts of long duration or high duty cycle of operations, or overheating.

Over 60% of crashes are due to causes not detected by conventional protection systems, causing excessive heat in the windings, leading to a drastic reduction of the electrical life of the motor.

The most significant technical advantages of Fanox designed devises are:

  • Continuous Thermal image memory of heating and cooling cycles of the engine’s starting cycles, work overload, and stoppages.
  • The prompt detection of phase loss, even with the engine running at low loads, stopping quickly to avoid costly breakdowns.
  • Identification of trip cause. The relays indicate the reason for tripping instantly, allowing you to identify and act soon on faults.