7 benefits to consider about Fanox Protection & Control Panels for Submersible Pumps

  1. No need for level electrodes and level relays to avoid “dry running”. By measuring the pump’s parameters, they detect “dry running” before it happens; this is achieved without the need for awkward level electrodes, therefore, saving time and money in their installation.
  2. With motor protection against overloads with thermal memory
  3. With protection against overvoltage, phase loss and incorrect phase sequence
  4. With short-circuit protection
  5. Additionally, they protect the motor against overload, blocked rotor, overvoltage, phase loss and incorrect phase sequence.
  6. Once the pump is stopped, the control panel waits for a certain time (reset timing) before restarting it automatically, allowing the well to recover.
  7. Also suitable for old installations. In already operating installations, a fault in the level electrodes, may mean having to remove the pump from the wall even if it is working properly. In this case, the problem can be solved by replacing the old panel by a Fanox Panel, without requiring extracting the pump even if existing electrodes don’t work.

Fanox Protection & Control Panels for three-phase and single-phase submersible pumps provide the overall solution to these problems by using the pump as a sensor.

More info:https://www.fanox.com/products/pumps-protection-and-control/pump-protection-control-panels/