With the deployment of more sophisticated automation system and equipment, utilities’ priorities on the electrical grid system have been shifting to a focus on cybersecurity. State of the art automation standards rely on communication links at all levels in the system to exchange data.

The SYNC 2000 secure substation gateway is ideal for sub-transmission and medium -voltage substation automation and gateway applications. It incorporates a protocol gateway with support for over 40 industry standard and proprietary protocols, plus a multi-faceted security sentry that includes a firewall, role-based access control, security log and encrypted communications.


  • License option to enable standard protocols DNP3.0, IEC 60870-5 101/103/104, DLMS- COSEM, Modbus, IEC 61850 ed2.0 and previous editions.
  • Supports proprietary protocols such as SPABus, Couirer ed 2.0, SEL and many more which are commonly used in utility legacy devices
  • Many-to-many protocol conversions with multi-master connection support
  • Device software and hardware status, restart notification and many more diagnostic points
  • Remote management and monitoring using Kalki.io
  • SNMP agent/manager support to enable network asset monitoring
  • Transparent tunneling for remote management of end device
  • Multiple options to synchronize time of the gateway and downstream devices (NTP/SNTP/IEC104/DNP etc.)
  • Internal and external pluggable cellular modem
  • Wide range of AC and DC power supply


  • NERC CIPv5 support*
  • IEEE1686 compliant*
  • Secure device access (Linux users)
  • Physical port control
  • Firewall protection
  • Data encryption
  • Password protection
  • Software license protection
  • Digital right management
  • Integrated with kalki.io identity and access management
  • Role based access control using Attribute certificate based on IEC 62351- 8/OSCP
  • Allows only signed firmware bundles from trusted sources
  • Encrypted tunnel for configuration access and web-monitoring
  • IEC 62351-3 transport layer security for TCP based utility protocol
  • IEC 62351-5/Secure authentication for DNP3.0
  • SSL based VPN with AES, DES or 3DES encryption over WAN/LAN
  • All logs in syslog format
  • Configurable alarms and events for security related incidents
  • Integrated trusted platform module*


  • 4 serial ports and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Wide range of AC and DC power supply

*Contact sales for details