Fanox protects the Motor Control Centers of Spain’s largest Biomass plant.

Fanox has again been selected to supply its latest generation of motor management relays to control and protect the motors of large important installations.

This time the largest biomass plant in Spain, located in San Juan del Puerto (Huelva) have opted to use Fanox for the supply of its reliable and important protection & control system.

Central Biomasa San Juan_Huelva

The Biomass power generation plant will have a capacity of 50 megawatts, and will be equipped with Fanox’ PBM system. The PBM is a modern and advanced protection and control system for Motors, of which flexibility and versatility ensures its perfect adaptation to the needs of any type of motor control centers. This innovative concept of motor management system offers heavily reduced installation costs, allows for preventive maintenance, and makes efficient engine management and use a very intuitive.

The PBM offers exactly what is needed in today’s industrial environment, namely a multifunctional device, which spawns all the functions needed to protect all types of motors whatever the application.

The biomass plant will generate enough energy to power a city of 150,000, and has led to the creation of 400 jobs, mostly associated with farming, harvesting and transportation of biomass. The focus has been to install a system which ensures the avoidance of unnecessary down-time due to unexpected shutdowns and costly repairs.