Technological partner

Customized products and Brand Labelling

Every day an increasing number of companies are considering the option of outsourcing their design and product development.

Fanox is the perfect technology partner to carry out these activities. Our R&D department is prepared to operate as an integral part of our clients business – adapting to their needs by developing custom designs.

Fanox is a leader in the customization of products for reputable manufacturers, and we offer added value at a very competitive price. Fanox provides additional performance characteristics to the equipment thanks to continuous improvement of electronics – spear heading a rapidly moving technology sector.

We have high expertise in the area of electronics related to:

  • Protection
  • Control
  • Measurement
  • Communication

We provide you with important assets of high skills and experience in:

  1. Systems Engineering (Hardware, Software and Communication)
  2. Ability to adapt to different protocols (RTU’s)
  3. Conformity and adaptation to international standards
  4. Design of systems and schemes tailored to the needs of customers
  5. Prototype design and production
  6. Testing Delivery of finished product – Brand Labelling

Some of our custom developments:

  • Digital controller for fan coil units, which includes power and alarm management functions, which is incorporated in centralized control systems for hotels and large office buildings through Modbus communication protocol.
  • Control equipment for electric transformer substations, which set levels of communication speed and immunity to external disturbances beyond the reach of any industrial PLC.
  • Load limiter for lifting systems being used by leading manufacturers of overhead cranes and lifting platforms.
  • Control and management of SF6 Swithgear for high/medium voltage substations.
  • 3-Phase distribution line switch disconnection with incorporated Electronic Sectionaliser.
  • Fault passage detection system and geographical location of power failures in the section between an electrical substation and the consumer. Designed to detect faults in medium and high voltage, with remote real-time indication at Control Centre.
  • Management Systems for Zigbee Communication protocols.