Success applications for SIA-C Relay

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    Self powered model with a very compact size makes the installation and maintenance much easier.

Standby Relay and by Earth Fault Relay model designed as a backup protection to clear a remote earth fault on the downstream network.

This relay performs 50P + 50/51P + 50N/G + 50/51N/G functions and shows 3 magnetic flags in its front indicating the tripping reason.

Perfect solution for RETROFIT applications. Combined with TCM adapter this application is performed in these RMUs where the existing protection relay is replaced with a new generation digital relay like FANOX SIA-C.

The auxiliary power of the RMU energizes the TCM that activates the coil when the relay detects a fault condition.

RMU manufacturer do not require changing the existing circuit breaker and coil, SIA-C along with TCM adapter work as one supplying the energy needed to trip the coil. TCM provides the most common variety of auxiliary voltages that coils require: 48, 110 or 220Vdc.

Ring Main Unit used for Metering (MRMU) for MV applications (13.8kV, 36kV and 38kV) in a busbar rating up to 630A.

In this application a protection relay is included to protect the line by tripping the circuit breaker of the position, apart from voltage and current meter or energy analyzer.

Many MRMU manufacturers provide a 24 Vdc auxiliary power supply so the SIA-C Self and Dual Powered Relay at 24Vdc is the appropriate solution.