SYNC 6000 – SCL Manager: IEC 61850 Substation Config Tool

SYNC 6000 – SCL Manager: IEC 61850 Substation Config Tool

Kalkitech IEC 61850 SCL Manager is a comprehensive graphical tool that allows user to create, configure, view and edit all the substation elements and its data models as specified in Substation Configuration Language specification of IEC 61850. SCL Manager enable users to configure Substation and all its elements and helps to make the substation IEC 61850 compliant.


SCL Manager helps in defining communication schemes and mapping data as required for management of IEC 61850 elements. It also facilitates enhanced management of SCL files and its validation. The revised logical node template allows user to create complete functionalities of IEC 61850 based IEDs with minimal knowledge of IEC 61850 standard and handles all the forms of the SCL File constructs – ICD, SSD, SCD, CID, and the Edition 2 additions IID and SED.


  • Compatible with IEC 61980-6 Ed:1, Ed:2 and other associated models like IEC 61850-7-410, IEC 61850-7-420
  • Create SCD/ SSD/ SED/ ICD/ IID SCL Files
  • Import and Export of SCD/ SSD/ SED/ ICD/ IID/ CID SCL Files
  • Facilitate enhanced management of SCL files and its validation
  • Wizard for handling major process and work flow
  • SLD Wizard: to draw and add Substation Configurations to the Project
  • IED Configuration Wizard: to add and edit IED Configurations to the project
  • SCD Wizard: to add external SCDs/SEDs to the Project
  • Multiple Documentation Support

Generate and view the document of the projects externally and internally. This document will have SLD pictures and the IED details of all projects in the workspace. Tag Generator for creating communication and equipment tags in MS Excel file from SCD:

  • Export IED BOM in MS Excel file
  • Export IED terminal details and associated tags in MS Excel file
  • Library Support
  • SLD library support for reusing substation drawings in multiple projects
  • Data model library as per IEC 61850-6 Ed:1 and Ed:2
  • Data model library for Hydro power plants
  • Data model library for Distributed Energy resources
  • Data model library for Wind Power Plant
  • Flexible design that enable user to create & edit data model library Extensible Validation Option

Option to select SCL Schema Version while creating and editing SCL files. Two SCL versions are supported namely, SCL Version 1.4/ 2.0 which is based on IEC 61850 Ed. 1.0 and SCL Version 3.0 based on IEC61850 Ed. 2.0

File Management 
  • History Management for viewing and managing the history of the working project
  • File Editor for manual editing SCL file generated for users who are expert in IEC 61850
  • Import and export of dependent files from workspace
  • ICD Database


SCL Manager has its own ICD Database with the list of IEC 61850 IEDs present in the market. The database can store ICD file of each IED, Bill of Materials (BOM) details, Terminal details and other associated files of an IED.


Auto Positioning Algorithm
The standard SSD file does not have any coordinate and position information of the substation elements. SCL Manager can calculate the position of each element using this algorithm and can draw SLD from the SSD file.
For System Designers
  • Kalkitech IEC 61850 SCL Manager enables system designers to create advanced SLD functions using SLD Drawing tool
  • SCL Manager is suited for Substation Automation Environment as well as Hydro Power Plant, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Wind Architectures, enabling one to create complete system specifications
For System Integrators & Utilities
  • Define communication schemes and mapping of data as required for management of IEC 61850 nodes
  • Link different Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) and its Logical Functions to substation specifications and create complete substations configuration as per standard
  • Substation specification and substation configuration which includes drawing Single Line Diagrams (SLD), adding IEDs to the project, linking of IED functions to SLD and generating the SCD/SED file
  • Mapping of external Generic Object Oriented Substation Event (GOOSE) Signals to internal address of IED
For IED Manufacturers
  • Create complete IEC 61850 capabilities including its functions and data elements for any new IEDs
  • Provide flexibility in design, enabling the files to be integrated with any tools
For Academicians
  • Familiarize with naming conventions, structure and notations of IEC 61850
  • The enhanced standard Logical Node (LN) template library provided with the tool allows user to create complete functionality of IEC 61850 based IEDs with a minimal knowledge of IEC 61850