SYNC 5000 – High end Meter Data Acquisition System

SYNC 5000 – High end Meter Data Acquisition System

Kalkitech’s SYNC 5000 is a high end Meter Data Acquisition System that performs AMR/ AMI data analysis in an integrated application base. This head-end software is the key component in end-to-end automatic metering and is ideal for Grid Metering as well as LT Consumer Metering and Demand Side Management. SYNC 5000 has advanced features for analysis of load profile data, web based front end for all user configurations, user management, and large meter support up to 100,000 Consumer meters with three hours schedule for 120 days (Grid metering for 5000 meters with 10 sec schedule for 120 days) based on performance tests conducted (theoretically scalable to millions of meters). The standards based interface with field and enterprise software as well as the distributed architecture of the system ensure unmatched scalability and interoperability in AMR/AMI implementations, and thus, is future-proof for Smart Grid deployments.


SYNC 5000 is a server based Meter data Head End System dedicated for a metering application like AMM, AMI that can consolidate information over open standards based interface to a Meter Data Management Systems as well as other Enterprise level solutions. SYNC 5000 can talk to local as well as remote meters over a wide range of physical communication media like, RS232, RS485, RS422, Ethernet Base Tx/ Fx 10/ 100/ 1000 Mbps, GSM/ GPRS/ CDMA/ PSTN/LPR. Some of these interface shall be direct interfaces and others can be through port servers, modem banks.


Data collected from meters are stored in an RDBMS based permanent storage, so that a communication link failure with the head end system will not create any data loss. SYNC 5000 support standards based IEC-62056 DLMS/ COSEM, Modbus RTU/ TCP protocols apart from some proprietary protocols, and using a driver development kit it is possible to add new protocol adapters

SYNC 5000 supports a host of meters including
  • DLMS / COSEM (IEC 62056) meters
  • ALL generic Modbus meters
  • Actaris SL6000 and SL7000
  • EDMI – MK6E
  • Satec – EM720
Standards Compliance
  • IEC62056
  • ANSI C12.18/19
  • IEC60968-9
Data Delivery Modules
The protoocol driver modules enable connectivity to a wide range of upstream / downstream devices, and also provided for CIM connectivitiy* for fastevent and command throughputs to higher level (enterprise level) systems.
Data Storage Modules
SYNC 5000 supports multiple RDBMS formats in a distributed architecture including Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL. It also supports a variety of montioring / analytical features including data logging, alarms and event logging.
Webserver for configuration, monitoring, control and reporting
The webserver makes available configuration, monitoring and control of instantaneous values, alarms and event screen with feature-rich GUI. Configuration is also a breeze with easy to use functionalities for mapping between meters, channels, protocols and databases. The modules also contain a reporting package with a large set of pre-configured files, and provision for customized reporting.
Notification Engine
The notification engine of SYNC 5000 provides capability for intimating subscribers either through SMS or email on events and alerts, on almost real-time basis. The notification engine also controls the publish actions within the SYNC 5000 system.
 SYNC 5000 Enterprise Service Hub (ESH)
The Hub sits at the centre of all the modules and provides for a scalable,  high QoS messaging service between all the other component modules.Web based Front End for all user configurations.
Meter Support
  • Grid metering support for 5000 meters
  • 15 Instantaneous data (historical archival of historical data is required for 30 minutes)
  • 15 one minute profile data
  • 15 load profile data
  • 15 daily profile data.
Consumer metering for 100,000 meters for 3 hours schedule for 120 days maximum
  • 15 Instantaneous data (historical archival of historical data is required for last 20 values)
  • 15 load profile data
  • 15 daily profile data.