SIL-D relay is designed to protect MV systems with isolated neutral. In switchgears with isolated neutral, the earth fault calculation cannot be done as an exact value due to it is not dependent from the short circuit power. It depends on the MV system capacitor it is connecting to. For this reason, the earth fault is related with the network voltage and with the features of the lines connected to the mentioned system.

Apart from the phase and neutral instantaneous overcurrent, and protection against phase inverse time overcurrent, the relay provides directional neutral overcurrent and directional isolated neutral overcurrent as well as circuit breaker failure supervision, neutral overvoltage and trip block for switch disconnector.

A recloser is fitted. This automated control shall permit closure (up to five attempts) with the possibility of programming each reclosing time

Further functions have been included, such as the cold load pickup, or the trip circuit supervision.

Main Applications: Distribution and transformation substations. RMUs and SF6 insulated Switchgears.

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    SIL-D relay is an overcurrent and directional earth fault protection relay for Primary and Secondary Distribution.

    • Auxiliary power supply (24-220 Vdc / 48-230 Vac).
    • Protection functions: (2) 50 + 50/51 + (2) 50N/G + (2) 50N/51N/67N(1) + 52 + 50BF + 79 + 74TCS + CLP + 86 + 49T + 59N. Optionally, directional isolated neutral overcurrent(2) : 67NI_1 and 67NI_2.
      It includes switch disconnector protection function by means of trip blocking.
    • Function 67NI. Directional neutral isolated overcurrent with two neutral directional units: 67NI_1 and 67NI_2.
      This function is based on two supervisions: The analogue to the one that uses the 67N to check that the residual current is inside the defined area by the settings of directionality, operation angle and halfcone, and the second supervision of the modules of the residual voltage and current.
    • To perform the directional detection, the residual voltage is used as polarization magnitude and the residual current as an operating magnitude. The intervention sector in forward direction is defined in the following way: the operating angle is rotated anticlockwise from the negative residual voltage,-V0 which gives us the maximum torque direction. A cone is drawn, with the half-cone angle adjusted, over this maximum torque direction. In the same way, the intervention sector in reverse direction is defined in the following way: the operating angle is rotated anticlockwise from the positive residual voltage, V0 which gives us the maximum torque direction. A cone is drawn, with the half-cone angle adjusted, over this maximum torque direction.
      When 67NI is not activated the functions works like 50/51G.
    • 5 attempts of reclosing with 79 protection function (Recloser). Direct signalling/control of function 52 (Circuit breaker) and function 79 (Recloser).
    • Metallic box with high electromagnetic compatibility level (EMC) and wide range of operating temperature.
    • 1 rear port on the back with the following options respect to communication protocols:
      • One rear port RS485 with IEC60870-103 or Modbus RTU selectable by settings.
      • One rear port RJ45 with IEC 61850, DNP 3.0 TCP/IP or IEC 60870-5-104 (depending on the model).
    • 5 Oscillographic records, non-volatile RAM memory in order to store up to 200 events and 20 fault reports, without power supply thanks to its internal RTC (Real Time Clock).

    50 Instantaneous phase overcurrent
    50/51 Inverse time phase overcurrent
    50N/G Instantaneous neutral overcurrent
    67N Inverse time directional neutral overcurrent
    67NI Directional neutral isolated overcurrent
    59N Definite-time neutral overvoltage
    52 Circuit Breaker monitoring
    50BF Circuit Breaker opening failure
    74TCS Trip circuit supervision
    79 Autorecloser
    CLP Cold Load Pickup
    TB Trip block for switch disconnector
    49T External Trip
    86 Trip Latch
    68 Zone selection interlocking

    Communication Software for SIA & SIL protection relays

    The SICom PC software has been designed and programmed to gain access to all of Fanox relays information, to modify the settings and configuration, check states and measurements and to analyse and save events and fault reports using a graphic-friendly user interface.

    SICom software works with the Windows® Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating system.

    • General data reading: Complete model, Version, Serial number, etc.
    • States reading
    • Measurements reading
    • Reading and changing settings
    • Reading and changing configuration
    • Reading and deleting events
    • Reading and deleting fault reports
    • Reading and deleting demand current (load data profiling)
    • Reading and saving oscillographic records in Comtrade format
    • Changing the user passwords
    • Saving and Loading settings files
    • Saving and Loading configuration files
    • Saving events and fault reports
    • Saving demand current (load data profiling)
    • Date-time synchronization
    • Configuring the communication parameters
    • Reading and changing counters
    • Commands for opening and closing the circuit breaker and block/unblock the recloser
    • Configuration of the inputs
    • Configuration of the outputs
    • Configuration of the causes that start a Fault Report

    The update of the software does not require any user´s action, this is, if the computer is connected to Internet, SICom updates itself when it is started.
    It will allow you to prepare all the settings and relay configurations without having the relay connected to the PC (offline mode), reducing engineering and commissioning time.
    SICom program uses Modbus protocol, so only the ports with this protocol can be used to establish the communication.

    Auxiliary Supply24-230 Vdc/Vac24-230 Vdc/Vac24-48Vdc or 48-230 Vac/dc or 24-230 Vac/dc24-230 Vdc/Vac
    Consumption3,3 – 4,5 W< 6 W. 24-230 Vdc/Vac < 10VA24-48 Vdc and 48-230 Vac/dc < 10VA. 24-230Vac/dc < 20VA24-230Vac/dc < 20VA
    Current measurementStandard CT > 0,5VAn/aStandard CT > 0,5VAStandard CT > 0,5VA
    Voltage measurementn/aVT or directly to the low voltage lineVT or directly to the low voltage lineVT or directly to the low voltage line
    VT connection typen/aAdjustableAdjustableAdjustable
    50/512n/a4 levels of 67 *4 levels of 67 *
    50/51G2n/a2 levels of 67G *2 levels of 67G *
    50/51N2n/a2 levels of 67N *2 levels of 67N *
    50/51/67G 1n/a**
    Trip Block1n/a11
    68 (Trip Bus)1111
    60CTS 1n/a11
    Programmable LogicV3V3
    Sett. Group4444
    Inputs3 / 5 / 6 / 9118 / 16 / 24 / 8 + 4 AFD11
    Outputs3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 757 / 11 / 18 / 7 + 4 HS-O5
    LEDs8 configurable11 configurable11 configurable11 configurable
    HMI20x2 LCD + 11 keys20x4 LCD + 13 key20x4 LCD + 13 keys20x4 LCD + 13 keys
    52 & 79 HMI2 LEDs + 4 keys2 LEDs + 4 keys2 LEDs + 4 keys3 LEDs + 4 keys
    Fault Reportconfigurable up to 100configurable up to 100configurable up to 100configurable up to 100
    OscillographyConfigurable up to 100 recordsconfigurable up to 100configurable up to 100configurable up to 100
    Current demandn/a
    Local Port (frontal)Micro USBMicro USBMicro USBMicro USB
    Remote Port (rear)RS485 or EthernetRS485 or EthernetRS485 or Ethernet or Fiber OpticRS485 or Ethernet
    Communications ProtocolsRS485 (ModBus RTU or IEC60870-5-103 or DNP3.0 Serial) RJ45 (Modbus TCP/IP or DNP3 TCP/IP or IEC 60870-5-104) RJ45 (IEC61850) + SNTP protocolRS485(ModBus RTU or DNP3.0 Serial or IEC60870-5-103) RJ45 (Modbus TCP/IP or DNP3.0 TCP/IP or IEC60870-5-104) + SNTP protocolRS485(ModBus RTU or DNP3.0 Serial or IEC60870-5-103) RJ45(Modbus TCP/IP or DNP3.0 TCP/IP or IEC60870-5-104) RJ45(IEC 61850) FO-LC(IEC61850) + SNTP protocolRS485(ModBus RTU or DNP3.0 Serial or IEC60870-5-103) RJ45 (Modbus TCP/IP or DNP3.0 TCP/IP or IEC60870-5-104) + SNTP protocol
    Size of177 x 107 mm177 x 107 mm198 x 187 mm177 x 107 mm

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