Protection, Control, and Monitoring System

Fanox PBM is a Monitoring, Control, and Protection System, which brings an integral solution to Motor Control Centers. Fanox has redesigned PBM providing it with new functionality and improving its operability, making him an indispensable resource for CCMs.

The most significant improvement that has taken place is the firmware change that has been made in the PBM-B Base Module. A new version has been developed where new functionalities are implemented to use the equipment in a more significant number of applications.

  • In two or three wire run/stop maneuvers without using additional switches or buttons. En maniobras de marcha/paro a dos hilos o tres hilos sin necesidad de usar interruptores o pulsadores adicionales.
  • Possibility of remotely run/stop maneuver improving the processes efficiency and reducing the operating costs. It allows a faster performance in facilities where there are no operators on the factory floor. It makes it possible to enable remote access for the run/stop maneuvers realization through communications.
  • It allows configuring outputs, LEDs, and alarm signals, which helps the user define the system according to his control requirements.

The PBM-H display has been redesigned to a standard size, making him more integrable into any CCM or table. The room in CCMs is significantly reduced; that’s why the display’s background has been optimized, making it smaller.

New functionalities, easy handling, and more intuitive menus have been added. Easier operability.

The display is used for event and fault report analyzing in case of protection trips, current measures, frequency, etc., and for adjusting and setting up the PBM-B model. Besides, a single display can be used in every facility module, thanks to his capability of plugging-in into different PBM-B modules.

With the Fanox PBM Electronic motor system, it is much easier to protect and manage motors, obtaining a high level of efficiency and substantial saving costs.

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    Protection, Control, and Monitoring System


      4 fault reports with the following information: dates, measurements, status bits, inputs, and outputs.
      • Earth toroidal disconnection monitoring.
      • PTC sensor open circuit and short circuit detection.
      • Magnetic module hardware monitoring.
      • Non-volatile memory stored information coherence.
      • The number of motor start-ups.
      • The medium and maximum current of the last start-up.
      • The number of faults for the following functions:
        Overload, PTC, JAM, locked rotor, and neutral faults.
      • Operating hours counter.
      • Test menu.
      • RTU Modbus protocol and RS485 communication
      • Start/Stop by 2 or 3 wires, without additional switches of push-buttons
      • Remote Start/Stop, more efficient and cost-saving.
    • Overload with thermal image
    • Overheating protection (PTC sensor)
    • Phase imbalance or phase failure
    • Phase sequence
    • JAM detection
    • Locked rotor detection
    • Instantaneous earth leakage overcurrent
    • Earth leakage inverse time overcurrent
    • Instantaneous neutral overcurrent
    • Neutral inverse time overcurrent
    • Undercurrent
    • Multifunction
    • Fault reports
    • Self-diagnosis and installation monitoring
    • Test menu
    • Designed for SCADA applications
    • Commands management
    • Communication Sofware PBCom
    • Protection functions

    Communication Software for Motor Management System PBM

    The PBCom PC software is used to communicate with Fanox PBM Motor Protection Relay. Software is designed to gain access to PBM relay information, to modify the settings, check states and measurements and to analyse and save events and fault reports using a graphic-friendly user interface.

    The main operations that can be carried out using the PBCom software are as follows:

    • General data reading: Complete model, Version, Serial number, etc.
    • States reading
    • Measurements reading
    • Reading and changing settings
    • Reading fault reports
    • Changing the user passwords
    • Saving and Loading settings files
    • Saving fault reports
    • Date-time synchronization
    • Configuring the communication parameters
    • Reading and changing counters
    • Commands for erasing the thermal image

    It will allow the user to prepare all the settings and relay configurations without having the relay connected to the PC (offline mode), reducing engineering and commissioning time.
    PBCom software uses Modbus protocol, so ports with this protocol are required to establish the communication.