Motor Management System – PBM

Motor Management System – PBM

PBM Motor Management System is a Protection, Control and Monitoring System. INTEGRAL SOLUTION FOR MCCs ADAPTABLE TO EVERY CUSTOMER NEEDS.

Fanox’s PBM guarantees perfects management function to installed motors. The easy understanding of the gathering information by the PBM system makes the devices an unique tool for the maintainance department in order to have a permanent view of their motor control.

Now with Fanox PBM Electronic motor system it is much easier to protect and manage motors, obtaining high level of efficiency and substancial saving costs.

BASE Module       HMI Display Module   pbm_H_lado_(120x71) 





Protection, Control & Monitoring System

  • Multifunction
  • Fault reports
  • Self-diagnosis and installation monitoring
  • Test menu
  • Designed for SCADA applications
  • Modular and scalable
  • Protection functions



  • Overload with thermal image
  • Overheating protection (PTC sensor)
  • Phase imbalance or phase failure
  • Phase sequence JAM detection
  • Locked rotor detection
  • Earth leakage overcurrent
  • Neutral overcurrent
  • Undercurrent

Motor Management System Video