Motor Management System – PBM

Fanox PBM is a Monitoring, Control and Protection System, which brings an integral solution to Motor Control Centers.

Fanox has redesigned PBM providing it with new functionality and improving his operability, which makes him an indispensable resource for CCMs.

The most significant improvement that has taken place is the firmware change that has been made in the PBM-B Base Module. A new version has been developed where new functionalities are implemented for the use of the devices in a larger number of applications.

Motor Protection Relays – GL

Specially applicable to protect motor which need dependable and accurate protection relays for every type of start (trip classes 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35): Motor Control Centre (MCC), Pumps, Compressors, Ventilators, Centrifugal machines.. etc.

Motor Protection Relays – C

For motors of low and medium power in several applications in general to protect motors which need dependable and accurate protection relays for every type of starts.

EEx e Motor Protection Relays – G

Motor protection in explosive or hazardous areas, are applicable for EEx motors with intensities of up to 630A and above, which run in potentially explosive areas such as: Petrochemical industries, Plastics factories, Etc. The relay is installed outside the explosive area

Generator Protection Relays – GEN

This relay is specially applicable for protecting low voltage generators up to 1000 Vac, and currents up to 2000 A or higher.

Soft Starters & Motor Controllers – ES

This units represent the best protection against premature ageing of motors and mechanical items.They prevent frequent faults and objects falling onto conveyer belts.

Thermistor Sensors – PTC

Connected to the relays it protects motors against overtemperature