The safety of people and human capital is always important. Fanox Earth Leakage Relays are the most effective devices to ensure protection against the dreaded risk of electrical leakage at low voltage.

Our relays feature characteristics that are ideal for preventing hazardous situations, such as:

  • Super Immune: Our relays are specially designed to work in environments with extreme electrical noise, providing signal immunity to interferences such as frequency. This helps avoiding false alarms and unnecessary stops.
  • Enhanced Security: The enhanced security feature is a backup metering channel. An alarm is triggered to inform of the need for maintenance at the next halt.
  • Easy Maintenance: The equipment allows for testing without the need to stop any ongoing processes.
  • Small size of 22.5 mm.: The D30 relay is also known for its small size. It is ideal for manufacturers of MCC’s which have limited panel space.
  • Versatile: Positive or negative logic can be can be selected maiking the relay more flexible at use.

Earth Leakage Protection Relays

Earth Leakage Superimmunized Multirrange Relay WITHOUT BUILT-IN Toroidal Transformer – D30 / DM30

Earth Leakage Protection WITHOUT built-in toroidal suitable for Motor Control Centres (MCC) and electrical distribution boards and control panels  in general.

Earth Leakge Superimmunized Multirange Relay with automatic reclosing – DR30

Electronic relays with automatic reclosing up to 3 attempts with defined (1 m) or adjustable (1 to 60 s) time. Suitable for electrical distribution boards in general.

Earth Leakage Multirange Relay WITH BUILT-IN Toroidal Transformer – ELR-A / ELR-T

Multirange relays with adjustable time delay and sensitivity. Suitable for direct pulse current and immune to external disturbances.

Earth Leakage Relay WITHOUT BUILT-IN Toroidal Transformer – ELR-B / ELR-3C

Electronic relays with adjustable delay time. Suitable for direct pulse current and immune to external disturbances.

Related Products

Toroidal Transformers – CT1 / CTD1

Earth Leakage Protection & Measurement for Low Voltage. To be used with ELR-B, ELR-3C, D30, DM30 and DR30 relays