Fanox’s range of Control and Measurement Relays come with many functions:

  • Phase and temperature control relays for elevators with and without machine room. These indicate cause of failure, are self-powered and have a compact size of 22.5 mm (standard industrial size) which facilitates the installation of the product assembly.
  • Voltage relays with adjustment potentiometer, which eliminates the calculation of percentage facilitating installation and commissioning.
  • Timers multifunction microprocessor with built-in battery that allows programming without connecting auxiliary voltage.

Control & Measurement

Phase Control Relays – S

Self-powered by the voltage to be monitored. To protect 3-phase devices and during operation of Lifts & Elevators

Phase & Temperature Relays – ST / ST-D

Suitable for motors with built-in PTC sensors in applications such as elevators, cranes, hoists and similar installations. Protection against phase imbalance, phase loss, phase sequence and overtemperature.

Phase and Temperature Control Relays (Lifts) – T2 / TST24

Protection relay against variations of the ambient temperature (min/max), overtemperature of the motor, phase sequence and phase imbalance or phase loss.

Temperature Control Relays by Thermistors – MT2

Protection of the motor against overtemperature. Controls the temperature by the use of thermistors (PTC sensors).

Single-Phase Voltage Control Relays – U1D

Single-Phase Voltage Relay, self-powered by the voltage to be monitored.

Three-Phase Voltage Control Relay – U3 S

Three-Phase Voltage Relay, self-powered by the voltage to be monitored.

Multifunction digital timer for control and automation systems in industry – MTR

Multifunction digital timer with built-in battery which allows timer to be programmed without connecting to auxiliary voltage.