Obtaining exclusive technical solutions in the new Generator Protection SIL-G Range

Looking to the future to obtain exceptional technical solutions in its new designs. This empowering customers to increase the safety and reliability needed to work with a high efficiency.

It’s been an amazing year for us, that’s why, we are celebrating singing and dancing.

It’s been an amazing year for us, that’s why, we are celebrating singing and dancing.
But, especially we really want to say thank you our customers; you are the driving force behind our company, than you for the support, confidence and loyalty shown throughout these years, without which we would never have been able to get here.
Be happy and enjoy Christmas!

Fanox winner of one of the best supplier awards of Iberdrola 2017

Fanox Electronic has won an award in the Best Team Supplier category in the Supplier of the Year Awards 2017 in Spain. This award is very important for Fanox if we remember that Iberdrola ‘s annual purchasing spend is worth around 7.500 million from around 18,000 suppliers around the world. In Spain alone it spent 1,700 million in 2016 on orders from over 5,000 suppliers.

FANOX has recently obtained the EAC Certification for the full range of Medium Voltage Protection Relays.

The EAC Certificate of Conformity is issued by a certification body of the Customs Union between Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, certifying the conformity of a product with the essential safety requirements established in the Technical Regulations Of the Eurasian Customs Union (Free Trade Area of ​​Goods, People and Capital).

Fanox entrenches his international strategy with a new approval.

Fanox continues with its successful process of internationalization, with the recent approval by ADWEA, Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority, the Electrical Company of Abu Dhabi and principal Electrical Company of the United Arab Emirates.

Xilinx, Fanox’s supplier, filmed a video about its technology applied to the SIC-A Protocol Gateway

Last month of October, the US company Xilinx manufacturer of FPGAs, visited Fanox in relation to “Powered by Xilinx” campaign, to film a video about how the incorporation of their technology in our protocol gateway SIC-A, gets the best communication solutions for our customers.

Fanox announces new range of Relays with new features in Middle East Electricity 2016

Fanox, company specialized in the design and manufacture of electronic relays for Low and Medium Voltage applications, will be participating in Middle East Electricity 2016, considered one of the biggest Power Industry events in the world, taking place at the World Trade Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.