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Nous sommes en compétition sur un marché très exigeant, nous concevons des Protections Haute Technologie, nous sommes trop flexibles et plus spécialisés.

General Catalogue

The last decade has been a period of strong growth and international expansion for Fanox, making us one of the leading companies specializing in the design and manufacture of Electronic Relays for Low and Medium Voltage applications.

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Applications des Relais SIA C

Ofrecemos equipos compactos, innovadores, con perfectos acabados, pero a precios mucho más competitivos. Nuestra experiencia nos avala, y lo más destacado de estos Relés: la gran flexibilidad que ofrecemos en el diseño y que permite adaptarnos a sus requerimientos y necesidades de cada una de sus aplicaciones.

Relais de protection autoalimentés. Le Future.

Fanox ha revolucionado el mercado de las protecciones autoalimentadas con una excelente e innovadora gama de Relés, que funcionan con la propia corriente de funcionamiento, sin baterías, carga o cualquier otra fuente externa. El mayor beneficio: Instalaciones sin necesidad de mantenimiento.


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Fanox among the world 4 Top Manufacturers of Self-powered Relays

According to recent updated market researches, the world market of self-powered relays is dominated by four main players: Siemens, Fanox, ABB and Schneider. At present Fanox has become the biggest independent Manufacturer of Self-powered Protection Relays.

“Fanox supports Edenor Argentina in the constant quality improvement of the power supply in Buenos Aires”

Following the approval of the Technical Department, Fanox Relays have been accepted by Edenor, the electrical distribution company with most of customers in Argentina. These relays have been installed in medium voltage switchgears with automatic circuit breakers and they will substantially improve the electricity supply to customers by quickly detecting and isolating network faults. This is a milestone in Argentina to be added to the already installed relays in the [...]

Fanox supports Equality

At FANOX we believe in equal opportunities and we do not tolerate violence against women, so we pledge to work together for preventing it. Which is why it is essential training of staff, a sense of accountability and to be kept informed.

Les relais de Protection Fanox approuvés par ENA UK

ENA Electricity Networks Association, homologue la protection contre les surintensités et les relais de défaut à la terre de Fanox, ayant passé avec succès toutes les exigences exigées par la compagnie d’électricité britannique.