FANOX is a leading company in the design and manufacture of protection and control devices specialized in Low and Medium Voltage Relays. We design high-tech safety devices, thus we are required to be much more flexible and specialist.

An integrity culture is an indispensable requisite for a high-quality business.

Our clients trust in the electrical safety services and products that we offer because they know that Fanox behaves responsibly and ethically. We respect the necessities of the people, society, and the environment.

The trust that customers give to Fanox, and the high standards of ethical behavior that have been proven by it, is a key factor in everything we do. When we work, it is important to have a frame of reference to apply to the decisions we make every day.

It should be a concern for each of the members of the FANOX team, the establishment of personal relationships based on integrity, honesty, and responsible work.

At Fanox, we work wherever in the world we are required. We aim to build a successful, real, and lasting project together.
The Ethical Code is more than a simple rules recognition. It reflects a personal commitment to assume responsibility for our actions and to always work with integrity.

At Fanox, the compliance is measured not only by the results obtained but also by how they were obtained. The strength and future success of FANOX depend upon its reputation as a loyal and trustworthy partner.